A good friend of mine, Greg Brooks, is trying to win a new HTC Evo Phone. The contest, a good one in my opinion, asks entrants to write about their special "one-minute skills."

Greg's write-up made me remember how long--and short--a minute really is.

Eh, we can probably chalk my reaction up to the pregnancy hormones :)

Here's Greg's write-up:

In a minute? I can close a deal, make a sandwich, touch base with a client and politelysignal an upcoming lane change.

It's not much time, but it's enough to comfort the afflicted, rail atinjustice, make a baby smile and give a dog a bone. It's the perfect amountof time to make people laugh at a party or make them think when I'm at thehead of the table. I have been known to do both simultaneously.

A minute is long enough for a good first kiss and far too short for a lastone. It's time enough to tweet, to update, to shout out and to holla back.It is too long to spend regretting and not nearly enough time to dream.

That's what I'm doing with my minutes these days - think how much more I'lldo with 4G.