Everyone knows social media is the next big marketing tactic. But, what is its role in the b-to-b sector? I recently read a statistic that said there are 3 times as many b-to-b companies on Facebook as consumer companies. WHAT?! That boggles my mind as I don't see the immediate results...immediately.

So, I posted a query to my fellow b-to-b PR colleagues on Twitter and Facebook. @donnahedgeburns replied: Improved Google search ranking. That's the main reason @Cincom does it. Plus another outlet for content distribution.

And, on Facebook, Greg Brooks had this to say:
In B2C, the path from "we're having a conversation:" to "we're selling you something" is usually shorter and more direct than in a significant B2B sale. So if all this conversation making isn't leading to a sale, then what's it leading to? I think there are lots of smart answers that validate the use of socmed in B2B. But I also feel like a lot of people are doing a lot of dumb stuff out there.
Sharon Bond, owner of Bond Communications, also commented. She recently attended a program, "Integrating Social Media into B2B Marketing," sponsored by the Chicago Chapter of the Business Marketing Association.

Tomorrow, we'll be posting a recap of what she learned.