One of my clients, The Health Foundation of Greater Cincinnati, retained me for media relations services. I publicize information on their grants, studies and polls. In the 10 years since it was funded, the Health Foundation has awarded more than $11 million in grants.

But, according to the news media, their grant-making efforts aren't news: It's the Health Foundation's job to award grants.

Recently, I sat down with Susan McHugh of the Community Press for some tips on successfully pitching the various Community Press Outlets.

The most important tip Susan provided was that it's not necessarily about where the company or organization is located as it is about the people. If you have an employee or a volunteer to spotlight, that person's residence is key to choosing the right edition.

And, what is the right edition? If you've got a zip code, you can check it against this list to see which edition will cover it.

Also, here's a list of media contact at the Community Press.

If there's a media outlet you'd like information on, please post it in the comments.