There are numerous stories every day about the impact of Web 2.0. As PR folks, we know firsthand how effective social media campaigns can be. A startling factoid: Readers are three times more likely to act upon a recommendation seen in a blog as opposed to that same article appearing in traditional media.

I’m pleased to announce that the Cincinnati PRSA has joined Web 2.0 on Facebook and Twitter.

What is Twitter? Well, that’s probably the subject of another newsletter article. Or a luncheon. But, to quote one of our members, Kevin Dugan, Twitter has the immediacy of instant messaging with the permanence of a blog. Twitter is broken down into two groups: Followers and Followees. You choose people to follow based on your personal preferences: relevant postings, industry colleagues, friends, they like the color blue, too, or any other reason, however obscure. People choose to follow you for the same reason.

The media are one of the early-adopters of Twitter. One local reporter, Gregory Korte at the Enquirer regularly posts (aka “tweets”) requests for sources. CNN tweets their breaking news. To see the evergrowing list of media on Twitter, check out: Here’s a list of Ohio reporters on Twitter:

Our Young Pros group took the lead, creating a twitter ID, @cinprsanewpros. The rest of the chapter followed suite on Twitter. Come follow us at @CincinnatiPRSA.

On the Facebook front, the Cincinnati PRSA chapter now has a group page: Join us here to see photos from past luncheons, discuss subjects such as luncheon speakers and brown bag topics. And, to talk trash about the Blacksmith’s :)

I'm on twitter, too: @meganlicursi