"Don't strive for perfection and lose sight of 'good enough.'"

This is a direct quote from a new client of mine, a steel product manufacturer. They hired MLMC to write a script for an investor roadshow. With a tight turn-around time, less than 10 days, the Chairman of the Board urged the creative team to just "get it done."

He then referred to an old agency of mine with a backhanded compliment: "They created Emmy-award winning work, but it wasn't what I asked for."

The conversation, that I gloated over at the time, reminded me of the golden rule of customer service: The customer is always right.

Too often marketers fail to give the client what they want. And, we justify this by saying:
  • "Well, they just don't know marketing."
  • "It's not their thing."
  • "We know what's right for them."
I see my place as a thought-provoker. I recommend marketing strategies that, when executed, should meet a company's business objectives.

But, they should also meet their business expectations.

This particular video was done in less than 10 days from start to finish. Because it was for an investor roadshow, the finished product does not have that "shiny and new" feel to it that would have begged the question, "Why do they need our money if they could fund this video?"

The end result was a very satisfied client, and one who I hope will call upon MLMC again.