It used to be everyone wanted Oprah. Then Ellen. Now Jimmy? A mere mention from one of these celebs can change a long-term sales trajectory. We've sold out CVS stores after Dr. Oz mentioned a product during his stint on Oprah; a partnership with Ellen drove an 11 percent sales spike with a laundry product. And, I'm dying to get Jimmy to talk about somebody!

On one of his first shows, Jimmy decided he wanted a truck.  After mentioning it during his monologue several times, I was amazed, SHOCKED, that only one truck company parked one outside his set. No one else was paying attention. Good Job, Dodge! That was a PR opportunity begging to be seized, but most companies stopped short, only Tweeting the celebrity. Weak.

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One of the first projects we ever did at MLMC was a scrapbook to get Oprah's attention for a company trying to woo visitors to Scotland. We painstakingly cut tartan fabric, applied glue to many a pictures and spent far too much time at Michael's. When we sent in our scrapbook, it did the trick and we got the attention of a producer who ended up using our client in a round-up of Women Entrepreneurs. 

But, it took us weeks to complete that project. Imagine what fun we could have had with YouTube and Twitter!

Now, we have YouTube and the tourism folks in Citrus County put this video together to woo Jimmy Fallon to make a 90-minute excursion when he visits Orlando. Hey, if it works for Rahm Emmanuel, it's gotta work for Citrus County, too, right?!

As we wait to see what kind of ROI chops Jimmy has, what kind of products do you see him endorsing?