In December, on a flight to Denver, I was perusing Delta Sky Magazine. The issue's main focus was on all-things Los Angeles. They also had a small focus on southern colleges.

I was pleasantly surprised to see a full page ad for my alma mater, Auburn University (War Eagle, hey!). And, it struck me with how spot-on this particular media buy was. You see, not only is Auburn in the South, but they were also on their way to play in the BCS National Championship in Pasadena, California. So, editorially-speaking, this issue was a two-fer!

That placement gave Auburn access to more than 5.2 million passengers, at an absurdly low CPM (for print) of $9.77.

In my personal experience, in-flight advertising works. We placed a story in an in-flight magazine for a franchise client. It was read by a passenger on her way to check out a *different* franchise. But, the story struck a chord with her and she began investigating our client. Six weeks later, she had abandoned her original plan and signed a franchise agreement with our client. ROI for that? 1600 percent.

So, if this is your target audience? You'd be smart to consider in-flight magazines a part of your media mix:

  • Powerful demographic: $112,000 Median Household Income
  • Educated: 86% are college educated and 27% have a post-graduate degree.
  • Established: 51% are managers/professionals