The new president of MTV, Stephen Friedman, was AdWeek's First Mover last week. During the simple Q&A, Mr. Friedman provided a glipmse into MTV's firm placehold among America's Millennials. 

One comment that stood out for me was Friedman's position on social media.  "Social media is the telephone and our content is the conversation. I think it’s as simple as that. We need to be everywhere they are." Friedman goes on to tout MTV's surge in Facebook fans over the last few years, rising from 5 to 68 million fans.

With 27,000,000 pieces of content posted through social media venues (according to a recent AOL/Nielsen study), it's only a matter of time before that telephone call will result in a busy signal.

It's clear that some clutter-cutting methods need to be designed to ensure the messages are reaching their audiences.

The best way to cut through the clutter is to be an engaged participant. It's not a one-way street and the quickest way to turn a customer off is to talk AT them rather than WITH them.

This is something that Friedman agrees with: "It’s not just about putting marketing messages out. It’s making sure our talent is talking and engaging, that our staff is talking and engaging. That two-way dialogue creates a sense of cultural home."