My bucket list has long included meeting Ellen DeGeneres.  That can almost be crossed off the list as we worked with two clients to get some Ellen love.

The most recent aired today. The Mint Robotic Floor Cleaner was part of Ellen's bonus 13th Day of Giveaways. The pitch process was 8 weeks long and intense in terms of competition. And it proved to be a logistical challenge once we found out we had made the final cut. 400 Mint Cleaners had to be delivered (via cargo ship!) prior to the taping.

This hit really was the cherry on top of a very succesful holiday campaign that resulted in a complete sell-out of the Mint's in every Bed, Bath & Beyond. I'm working on a new clip book on the main MLMC site and will share those hits in the near future. In the meantime, here's the Mint's debut on the Ellen Show:

In October of 2010, MLMC negotiated for Dryel to be the title sponsor of Ellen's October breast cancer campaign.  Dryel sponsored the Dunk Tank and we flew out with the client for the Big Check Presentation. It was my first time on-site at the Ellen show--and I got to see all of the back-stage production action!