It's always tough to get the ear of a fashion reporter, especially if you're not considered "high fashion."

And, let's face it, laundry detergents aren't really considered high fashion, right?

It was with that in mind that we created the Dark Jeans Dark campaign for Dryel.

Dryel, an in-home drycleaning kit, is known for its colorfast quality...colors simply don't fade with its use.

We're capitalizing on a fashion trend of dark jeans, knowing that most fashion reporters and outlets will do at least one story on them.

We designed and distributed a postcard mailer that touts the advantages of Dryel and sent them to top fashion reporters and bloggers.

The results, so far, have been great! Several blog posts have already been written and we're starting to see the pitch take hold in the traditional media, too.

We take pride in elevating brands to high-fashion status!