I just read an article in Time magazine about how social media is positively affecting traditional media. The reporter cited a few examples: this year's Superbowl was the most-watched U.S. TV show ever, the Olympics surpassed the 2006 viewership numbers, all the awards shows grew, et al.

This article gives the accolades to Twitter and Facebook.

The other day I didn't have an hour to devote to the American Idol results show. I tuned into Twitter after the fact and saw a minute-by-minute recap of the show. In seconds.

But it doesn't just help with TV shows. Many print publications post links to their stories--even those found only in their print-editions--and have seen an intense rise in readership.

My specialty is media relations and Twitter has become my go-to source. Because Twitter is an API-haven and updates cross platforms (mine go to my Facebook page and my LinkedIn account), I find that Twitter is the easiest way to keep my clients, friends and the world informed about my goings on.

On Twitter, I follow a lot of the media (both outlets and the journalists themselves) to keep track of what they're writing. There's an astounding number of journalists online and several PR people have teamed up to keep an updated list at here.

I also follow a lot of PR industry talent to keep up with the Joneses.

All in all, I find Twitter to be a valuable resource and not the time-suck that I thought it would be when I first signed up :)