I'm a bit late commenting on the Tim Tebow fiasco of a few weeks ago. If you've got your head buried in the sand, you might not know that the University of Florida quarterback was knocked unconscious and suffered a concussion during the game against the University of Kentucky a few weeks ago.

After the game, I was watching the College Gameday recap on ESPN. Kirk Herbstreit explained that he had received a text message from the Sports Information Director at the University of Florida updating him on Tebow's condition.

While my husband, and I'm sure fans and non-fans around the country proceeded to listen to hear his prognosis, I sat in amazement of the PR coup that had just occurred.

A PR pro had used text messaging to get urgent news out to the media.

And, not just any media, but Kirk Herbstreit.

Sometimes in media relations, we tend to forget the relationship portion of the game. The most successful media pitchers get that way because they develop relationships (sometimes even friendships) with the media and consistently provide them with good story ideas and leads.

An old boss of mine asked in a meeting why we shouldn't just hire a telemarketing firm to do the initial calls.

He didn't get it.

Right now, MLMC is pitching 8 clients to local and national media. I often joke that my day is spent smiling and dialing, and cold calls are certainly part of my day. The goal of those calls is two-fold: land the client in a story and develop a rapport with the reporter

If I'm going to have continued success, the rapport development must be viewed
as my number one goal.

Well, after I get access to Kirk Herbstreit's cell phone number!