On Monday, Megan and I were chatting about what it takes for social media forums to succeed. Specifically, why did Facebook edge Myspace into near-obscurity? Okay, not obscurity, perhaps, but honestly..in the Myspace vs. Facebook debate (circa 2005), Facebook wins.

But what about round two, Facebook vs. Twitter? Are the two comparable or is it more intuitive to use both, even in conjunction with each other?

We also talked about which major social media outlets are most sustainable. Megan finds Twitter to be more useful from a business perspective, while I have always appreciated the way the Facebook helps me keep up with family and friends from different points in my life. Of course, both forums can be seen as a venues for DIY-publicity.

Via Facebook: Fan pages, groups, and status updates are all ways to tout a product, service or persona.
Via Twitter: updates, linking blog posts, referencing other Tweeters can do the same thing.

On the one hand, Facebook is more vast, with opportunities to upload hundreds of pictures and say more than 140 charcters. But a single tweet from Taylor Swift or Miley Cyrus- who each have millions of "followers?" I would be impressed to see the impact that had on the tween world.

And beyond Twitter, what is the next frontier? If we've already whittled it down to 140 characters- quick bursts of information, often in rapid succession- what's next?