When I was in J-school, we were taught a few of the key industry terms. My favorite then is equally important now as I've gone to the dark side of public relations.

Above the Fold.

It used to refer to the graphical element and physical location of a news story or photograph appearing on the upper half of the front page of a newspaper.

To some extent it still does. But, with papers ceasing publication left and right, I'm inclined to think it will take on a new meaning.

24/7 Wall Street recently ran an article listing the Top 10 publications destined for failure. Some of them were obvious, especially the Chicago Sun-Times and the Philadelphia Daily News. It doesn't seem like any metropolis can support two papers at once.

I was shocked by the Boston Globe and the Miami Herald.

Alas, I think I might be part of the problem. I only get the Sunday edition of my paper, the Cincinnati Enquirer. Otherwise, I read it online.

But, I'm two-faced about this issue (and yes, I just used a term from middle school). For my clients, I couldn't care less about web-only hits. I want them to touch and feel my efforts. I want them to frame something. I want them to file it away. I want to demonstrate success by dropping a half-ton of paper clips on their desks along with the accompanying sound of "Umph."

I want them in the print edition, come hell or high water.

Maybe it's my age? According to the Pew Research Center, young people are less likely to feel an impact from the closure of a community paper.
Is that a shame? I think so.
I need the phone number for the subscription desk at the Enquirer.
Here it is: 1-800-876-4500. Or, you can just go here.

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  1. Cecily R on April 8, 2009 at 1:53 PM

    Do you know what? I am certainly a product of the information age and take full advantage of the internet for my news, but it makes me sad to think that printed newspapers may very soon be a thing of the past...

    And thanks so much for your nice comment on my guest post on Angie's blog last week!